View from Blackstock Field

Who better than the Squire of Dark Corner himself—author, columnist, lecturer, photographer, story teller and tour guide Dean Campbell—to give deep insights into this famous, yet infamous, mountainous region in northern Greenville County, South Carolina? He knows the Corner well as a native son whose maternal and paternal ancestors came to the area in 1784 and 1832.

He was the first person to delineate the Dark Corner, in both words and photographs, by physical boundaries, by living philosophies, by moonshining and superstition, by spirituality and by scenic beauty. His Eyes to the Hills—A Photographic Odyssey of the Dark Corner sold all 6,000 original copies and, by popular demand, was reprinted in 2008.

Reviewer Mary L. Sparks stated: “Campbell’s Dark Corner is alive with a wild, natural beauty that is as inherent in its people and architecture as it is in its nature. His photographs capture the essence of the area, while his words create pictures of their own.”